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The Mina Chae Team understands that the business of real estate is cyclical.
Where others might see this as a negative, we actually see it as a positive. A cyclical market creates new problems, and as a result, new opportunities that come from solving these challenges. Our company was founded on the premise of innovation and creative problem solving. We are motivated by the opportunity to solve real estate problems, and create solutions that others cannot. Our company continually strives to meet customer's needs by developing unique products and services to handle the challenges of any given market. These products and services are specially designed to empower our clients and help them make informed decisions, thereby leveraging the current market to their maximum advantage.

Many sellers and buyers think that all agents are the same, with the same information.
Nothing could be further from the truth. At Realty One Group and The Mina Chae Team, we have the local knowledge, statistics, data and neighborhood expertise to facilitate a successful transaction for you. Above all else, it is crucial to understand that real estate is a very local business. Cyclical changes do not occur equally across Southern California. Markets vary from region–to–region and from neighborhood–to–neighborhood. You have to know where your particular market is heading at any given time. The Mina Chae Team continually monitor the size of market inventory, whether it is growing or shrinking, how long properties are staying on the market, whether that duration is increasing or decreasing, the gap between asking versus selling prices, in addition to other important factors. We can't control the market, but we can control the depth and timeliness of knowledge we provide to our clients, giving them a tremendous advantage in a constantly shifting market.

The Mina Chae Team, our culture is one of information sharing.
We share within each office, and our offices share with each other, and can provide solutions on a collaborative basis. Our company is aligned at many levels, with agents and managers consistent in cooperation and mutual support. The end result is the sheer power of teamwork, which we leverage for powerful and positive results.

The independent status of The Mina Chae Team ensures that we'll never have to answer to the corporate hierarchy of an impersonal national conglomerate.
As a result, our clients always receive extremely personal attention and responsive service from creative, local decision makers. We believe that successful real estate transactions begin with strong personal relationships with our clients. We know that every real estate situation is unique, and that there are no cookie–cutter solutions. The best way for us to provide peerless performance for you is to fully understand and react to your unique real estate needs.

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